Classic Elegance, Unique Sensitivity in Vincennes, Indiana

It’s not just a slogan. These four words define the concepts that will make the photography of your family, your senior or your wedding day a priceless journal that will be cherished for generations.

At Bartholomew Wedding Photography we believe wedding and portrait photography are more than just recording well posed groups of family and friends. We are experienced photojournalists who see and record the moments and nuances that will make your images valuable for a lifetime.

Wedding Photography

It is important to document a wedding in the traditional sense with classic portraits as well as flattering ensemble or group photos of the families and wedding party.

It is also important however, to not only remember the individuals who make up your wedding, but the personalities, feelings, expressions and emotions that make your wedding day truly memorable. It’s these moments that will lend a warm glow to your wedding album and memories. Bartholomew Wedding Photography is experienced in capturing these moments so those looking at your album will feel they were at your wedding.

In addition we pride ourselves on being as unobtrusive as possible. Remember this wedding day is for you, not the photographer. During the ceremony all eyes should be on the couple being married, not an insensitive camera bug who will detract from your ceremony. While it may be impossible to remain totally invisible, decades of experience in award-winning photojournalism ensure that we will work with you and make every effort to preserve the dignity of your ceremony. 

Starting well below $1,000.00 our wedding packages aren’t the cheapest nor are they the most expensive. What you can be sure of is that your wedding collection will be of fine-art quality. The timeless quality of our work will look as elegant in 50, 100, or even 200 years as it does on your first anniversary. This makes our packages truly a value.

On the day after your wedding, the food will be eaten, the guests gone home, and the musicians' instruments packed away in their cases. What will remain are the memories. Make yours the very best.

Portraits (Families, Seniors, Children)

At Bartholomew Wedding Photography portraits are more than the simple recording of physical characteristics. Each portrait documents a period in our clients’ lives and it’s our goal to create images that will communicate about the people in them. We do this with location, interaction and a technical prowess gained through decades of experience. Not all clients are the same and their images shouldn’t make us think they are. At Bartholomew Wedding Photography each client and each family are individuals whose uniqueness deserves to be recognized, celebrated and documented for generations to come.

Please call or e-mail us for a free consultation. This will give us an opportunity to discuss the type of photography and collection of images you’re looking for. Should you choose a studio other than Bartholomew Wedding Photography you’re under no obligation to us. The most important thing is that you have the photography you like.

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