The Kids are Alright

May 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Children at Weddings.

Should they be in the ceremony?

Should they be invited?

Should people even bring children to weddings?

Children, some say, are meant to be seen and not heard.


Google what’s right and you’ll find as many answers as there are children with some getting angrily passionate about their view.


Here’s our take.


Having been to hundreds of weddings, maybe only a small handful have had very few or no children in attendance. I’m guessing in larger cities or if a wedding is held at…The Four Seasons or Belmond Hotel Caruso, invitations may more frequently have some verbiage suggesting the event is for grown-ups and children might be more comfortable at home.


Here in southern Indiana though weddings typically have children in attendance and as part of the ceremony. We’re A-OK with that, because we’re laid back and easy going (or because we don’t have a stick up our ass.) Also because weddings are a celebration of people coming together; families and friends as a couple begins their new life. To some extent children help illustrate this.


Children may be among the guests or they may be a part of the ceremony. Frequently, and deeply moving, a child may be at the altar at their mother or father gets married.


So, while not everyone may agree with us, we have a hard time imagining a wedding without children. Quite simply, they add so much. But we’re not the only ones who feel this way. To see more images of children at weddings Google “Royal Wedding...”


or look at the slideshow we’ve included in this post.



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