Off the Hanger; Capturing the Beauty in the Dress

January 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Photographing the back of the dress is in some ways easier as flowers a frequently held toward the front.

I love photographing a bride in her dress. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the day so here are a few observations. Lights inside churches rarely help, but they were just the thing to accent the draping and pick-ups on Megan's gown.

Sometimes traditional poses aren't the best poses. Trisha keeps her dress of the ground at Lasata Wines and it looks great It’s important to get what we call a “dress on the hanger” picture as a fun little detail shot, but it’s always looks SO much better on the bride.

I love it when brides show me pictures of Kirsten gathered up her dress off the floor and that doesn't work in every situation. Obviously it worked for her. We still managed to keep the unique layered effect in place using a large light source. their dresses in the weeks before their wedding. The Beautiful portraits shot in church basements are just about as rare as they come, but we got one with Eryka, The light coming down the staircase was perfect for her and perfect for her dress. anticipation of lighting the dress to best show off the draping, beadwork or embroidery, etc. is great.

You don’t light all brides in their dresses the same way. The draping and style; whether it’s natural, asymmetrical, princess etc. will all want to be lighted differently to be shown to their fullest effect. Don't believe me? Look at the work of Dutch and Flemish painters in the 16th and 17th centuries. When we see the dress we pretty much know what’s going to need to happen, but we work with it, cajole the bride a bit, find the right light and the right pose and when it happens it's impossible not to see it and inside you’re just like “Yes!”

We took Shelby and her Vera Wang gown to a painting studio for a bridal portrait before her wedding day. We originally chose the studio because the shutters in the ceiling I thought would illuminate the back and train of her dress nicely. We also added a light from the right side for her face. That the bouquet matched the colors of the paintings in the background was just good luck.


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