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OhhhhKaaayyyyy, Since we've been at our First Street location nine years TODAY, I thought I'd pull out something form the first wedding we did as Bartholomew Wedding Photography way back in '04. This is from Kristina Linneweber Brown's wedding at Community United Methodist Church in Vincennes.

Something cool here: as I looked through their pictures I saw guests that I still see at some weddings; Max and Vera were at a wedding I shot last month. How cool is that!

I shot my first wedding back in the 80s when I was a student at Hastings College and that seems like a long time ago. It was film, OK!?!  When I look at Kristina and Wes’s pictures I see things that have changed: Nikon D100? Really? Or: “Was that really an accepted style back then?” I was back from my first WPPI convention and full of fire. It's brighter now. Alot more clear.

Some things have stayed the same. I think I’m still using one of the same flashes that I used at this wedding, but now I have more of them. And from a style standpoint, there’s some stuff that we don’t do anymore but there’s some stuff that we still do. The picture included with this blog post is one I’ll always remember and I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot it again. It was the last frame before we headed to the reception (Moose Lodge, I believe.) The truck, if I remember, was a '54 ford that Wes and his Dad had restored.


Cheers Kristina and Wes!


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